It's OK To Like Things

I started writing for Defamer one year ago tomorrow. I am relieved of my duties today. Reflecting on the roughly 1,400 intervening posts — and looking ahead to the future — something occurred to me. » 2/27/09 7:00pm 2/27/09 7:00pm

Mariah Carey's Mustache Still Not in Theaters Soon

More speculation today surrounds the whereabouts of Precious (née Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire), the celebrated, Benjamin Bratt-terrifying drama that won last month's Sundance Film Festival before tumbling into bidding-war lawsuit limbo. » 2/27/09 2:23pm 2/27/09 2:23pm

Is Watchmen Review-Proof?

The first batch of Watchmen reviews has arrived, drawing the geeks-vs.-trades divide into crisp, predictable relief. And while the critical haters are a minority, it's their box-office forecasts that could most alarm its producers. » 2/26/09 4:12pm 2/26/09 4:12pm

Can Studios Salvage Next Year's Oscars?

Another year, another lackluster awards-season showing for Hollywood studios. And while their art-house affiliates more than picked up the slack, could 2009 be the year the majors finally reclaim the Oscars for themselves? » 2/24/09 9:05pm 2/24/09 9:05pm

Harvey Weinstein's Non-Comeback Comeback

He lost a million-dollar bet, all but liquidated his company and endured a late, vicious backlash against a film that nobody even thought would reach the Oscars. And he won. That's why he's Harvey Weinstein. » 2/23/09 3:10pm 2/23/09 3:10pm

People Are Strange

Defamer's Week In Review: Paradise was lost, gained, auctioned and recycled in front of our very eyes. Reflect with us after the jump, and we'll see you back here Sunday night for our Oscar liveblog! » 2/20/09 9:00pm 2/20/09 9:00pm

Drunkenness, Nakedness Sadly Not In Hugh Jackman's Oscar Rehearsal

· After his shameless tease earlier today, Hugh Jackman appears in a new rehearsal video pledging class, dignity and pride in his Oscar-hosting duties. Color us crushed. [via The Hot Blog] » 2/20/09 8:40pm 2/20/09 8:40pm

How Accurate Is The Leaked Oscar-Winner List?

As expected, the Academy steadfastly denies the legitimacy of that list of "leaked Oscar winners" currently making the rounds. But after rigorous analysis in Defamer's Oscarology Labs, we've authenticated much more than you'd think. » 2/20/09 6:59pm 2/20/09 6:59pm

Former Super Bowl Director To Enliven Oscars With More Tackles,…

In what must be the last of the worst-guarded Top Secrets in Oscardom, we're learning a little more today about the show's new strategy behind the camera. Hint: The Academy is sending the blitz! » 2/20/09 4:49pm 2/20/09 4:49pm

Today In Oscar Hell: Sir Laurence Olivier's Acceptance-Speech Master…

· Sure, you'll only have 45 seconds. But when you do finally get your Oscar, we'd appreciate a speech with even half the sincere class of Sir Laurence Olivier's 1979 lifetime-achievement award acceptance. [via HE] » 2/20/09 2:49pm 2/20/09 2:49pm

Oscar Tug-Of-War Pits Ledger Versus Ledger

Kim Ledger had plenty to do yesterday on his long flight to the Oscars, starting with an acceptance speech no one quite expected him to deliver on behalf of his son Heath. » 2/20/09 12:59pm 2/20/09 12:59pm

Madea And Jason Duel Over Lackluster Oscar-Weekend B.O.

Welcome back to Defamer Attractions, your guide to everything new, noteworthy and momentous at the movies. This week, Madea slaughters Jason, and Oscar slays everybody. » 2/20/09 12:01pm 2/20/09 12:01pm

Oscar Threat Level Elevated As Kate Winslet Pressured By Underdog

Polls may be closed, but theories persist — crackpot and otherwise — about certain favorites' stability in their respective categories. Kate Winslet might be among those with reason to worry. » 2/19/09 7:27pm 2/19/09 7:27pm

'Slumdog' Wins Mumbai Street Equivalent Of Best Picture

Everyone knows what a couple of angry parents and Indian social activists think about Slumdog Millionaire's march on the Oscars. But if a five-person, man-on-the street sampling is to be believed, Mumbai wants a victory. » 2/19/09 5:57pm 2/19/09 5:57pm

Tyler Perry, 'Synecdoche' Among Big Winners At The Perfect World Oscars

Now that Mickey Rourke's date drama is resolved, our hopes for a spontaneous, surprising Oscars are all but dead. But in some parallel universe, viewers may yet get the awardscast we dream of: » 2/19/09 3:13pm 2/19/09 3:13pm

Today In Oscar Hell: Crash These Parties!

· There's good news and bad news about this weekend's marathon of Oscar parties. The good news first: Nikki Finke has a sweepingly comprehensive list of those we expect you to crash. Godspeed! » 2/19/09 2:19pm 2/19/09 2:19pm

Ludacris Sets Martha Stewart's Rapper Relations Back 20 Years

Snoop Dogg's historic appearance last year on Martha was thought to finally shatter the barrier between hip-hop icons and potato-mashing domestic heroism. Alas, as Ludacris discovered today, that was not change we can believe in. » 2/19/09 1:05pm 2/19/09 1:05pm